About Goat Promotions

Our Story

The birth of Goat Promotions started back in 2014 when a friend asked for some help with his restaurant. He was a local artisan pizza restaurant that was struggling to fill his lunch hours. This was a last ditch effort before having to close his doors. We collaborated and came up with a solid business plan. His pizza’s were really good, he just needed more exposure. We decided that the best way to get exposure to his restaurant was to personally visit every business in that town and invite them to come have lunch for a discount. This was a great way to build the restaurants reputation.

The restaurant would gain a new customer while a business could come enjoy a discounted lunch with their work colleagues, family and friends. It was a win win for both the restaurant and the businesses surrounding them. It built a strong sense of community. The restaurant quickly gained popularity over this unique offering and the restaurant started to thrive! From that point on we have offered to help several restaurants that have been in similar circumstances. But then the pandemic hit in 2020. When that happened it crushed the local restaurant business.

Once restaurants were able to open their doors again, they struggled to gain back that momentum during their lunch hour. Some of the most popular local restaurants were forced to close their doors. In 2022 we saw a huge need and knew that our services were the solution to the problem. That’s when Goat Promotions was formed. This truly is the Greatest Of All Time marketing strategy.

For a small monthly fee we go out and personally invite every business in the area to come enjoy great food for a great price. To learn more please contact us. We would love to help connect you to new customers in your area!

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